multi-currency IBANs for cross-border payments 

Access our Payment-as-a-Service to integrate our modular solutions. Fulfill your customers’ payment needs – simply pick and choose the services that you need. 

tailor your solutions to your customers’ financial needs

Make use of our flexible Payment-as-a-Service platform and integrate the features that you need for your customers. Create user-friendly, compliant and cost-efficient financial solutions via APIs into your existing system, software or product. 

IBAN account issuing

Create and offer Luxembourg-based IBANs in your own or your customer’s name.


Open European and international markets to your customers to expand their business potential.

European SEPA


Transfer Euros within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) through our local clearing participation.

Save money and time on European transfers (compared to SWIFT) and take advantage of our banking network.

marketplace payment


Receive, split and settle marketplace payments in a fully automated and transparent way.


Facilitate cross-border eCommerce on European marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, C-Discount and many more for your

customers and merchants.

multi-currency accounts

Receive and hold funds in one of our supported currencies without conversion costs.


No need to open multiple accounts for individual currencies, our IBANs support up to 25 different currencies in one centralised account.



Convert currencies within your account or convert and send payments in one of +25 supported currencies.


This enables fast and low-cost liquidity management directly in your account and when handling cross-border payments.

instant internal


Any transfer between ONPEX accounts occurs instantly.


This helps you to manage

and allocate customer funds within your account structure in real-time.

cross-border SWIFT payments

Send and receive money internationally with our direct SWIFT connection.


Provide cross-border transfers for your customers' international payment needs.

multi-level account


Facilitate your customer management with our flexible, multi-level account



Create your own customer account trees with different user rights and

permissions for each level.

granular permissions control

Create and set roles for your different types of customers.


Define the user experience  from Read-Only to full account creation rights with granular permissions.

our use cases

See our modular solutions come to life. Learn how our clients got access to our Payment-as-a-Service platform and integrated our features into their existing systems to create and improve their financial solutions. Get inspired about how we could help your business case. 



on marketplaces

Open European marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay and C-Discount and facilitate cross-border eCommerce for your merchants.


• Receive, split and settle incoming payments in an automated way using our IBAN accounts 


• Add up to 25 currencies to your customer’s payment account and avoid conversion costs


• Send cross-border SWIFT bulk payments to reduce transaction costs

• Access the transaction data of your customers with account statement downloads 

Access our Sandbox environment to get started while we complete the KYC review 


Sign your contract, test
and complete feature integration 


Go live! Offer user-friendly, compliant and
cost-efficient payments and transaction banking to your customers 


Tell us your business case, apply online
and exchange necessary documentation


how to get access 

Easily integrate our cloud-based Banking-as-a-Service via API connectivity into your existing system, software or apps.  

moving money made simple
payment institution certificate

ONPEX is a leading provider of cross-border payment services to fintechs and digital businesses. Based on our flexible, API-driven PaaS platform, our clients create user-friendly, compliant and cost-efficient solutions.

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