moving money made simple

ONPEX provides simple and automated access to multi-currency IBAN accounts, transaction banking, and FX services for fintechs and digital businesses. Using our flexible, API-driven BaaS platform, our clients create user-friendly, compliant and cost-efficient payment and banking solutions. 

create and improve your own financial services 

Simply pick and choose the financial services that you need for your customers to improve their user experience. Select from a range of different features like cross-border payments,
multi-currency management, or multi-currency IBAN and account issuing.

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We are a Luxembourg based Payment Institution. We aim to provide simple, transparent and automated access to financial services to our clients. Moving money made simple because of… 

secure access & control

  • Access your account online, anytime with bank level-security (2FA)  

  • Anti-money-laundering (AML) and integrated risk checks for transaction screening to 
    prevent fraud

  • Access to transaction data with account statement downloads and reporting in PDF or CSV format 

flexible technology & pricing

  • Open Application-Programming-Interface (API) protocols for easy integration and short time-to-market

  • Scalable cloud-based architecture to provide you the means to expand your business 

  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing to save money by only paying for what you use 

regulatory compliance

  • PSD2 Compliance: Strong customer authorisation (SCA) and access to accounts (XS2A) 

  • GDPR Compliance: secure data protection policies 

use cases

Read one of our case studies to find out how we provide simple and automated access to cross-border payments and transaction banking to our clients.

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moving money made simple

ONPEX is a leading provider of transaction banking and cross-border payment services to fintechs and digital businesses. Based on our flexible, API-driven BaaS platform, our clients create user-friendly, compliant and cost-efficient solutions.

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